Isabel Riley: An Abstract Art Adventure

Isabel Riley: An Abstract Art Adventure

Colors, Plaster, and Lines – Oh My!

Step into Isabel Riley world, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by large, abstract paintings in every stage of creation. Bright colors, plaster, and intricate line work blend together in her Hatch Street Studio space, creating a visual feast for anyone lucky enough to witness it.

Isabel Riley: Digging Deeper

But Isabel’s art is more than just pretty colors on canvas. She’s all about digging deep, challenging reality, and exploring the passage of time within her artwork and our lives. So, what’s her secret sauce? Let’s find out.

Isabel Riley: From Representational to Abstract

That’s how Isabel Riley got her start in art: with representational drawing, which shows things as they really are. But boy, did she change! She’s now really into abstract art, which means she’s willing to jump into the unknown and explore the uncharted fields of creation.

Taking Off the Layers

Ever think about how painters make drawings look like they have depth? The truth comes out from Isabel Riley. She’s not afraid to really get her hands dirty. What is her secret weapon? A sander with orbits. Imagine that there are many layers of paint and plaster, and then she uses the sander to show what’s underneath. It’s like digging for secrets in a painting, with each stroke revealing something new.

Vision and Assumptions Being Shattered

She doesn’t follow the rules. She wants to mess up your view, make you think about what you think you know, and make you question what you think you know. Her art is about more than what you see at first glance. It’s about what’s hidden. It’s kind of like a bright protest against the everyday.

The Feel of the Renaissance

Whoa, did someone say Renaissance? Yes, of course. Spanish artist Isabel gets ideas from the great Renaissance artists who knew how to make works look like they had depth. That faraway scenery you can see in the background? It’s kind of like a nod to the past, giving her modern designs a classic feel.

The Artistic Secret Weapon

Now, let’s talk about that secret weapon – the orbital sander. Isabel doesn’t just paint; she sculpts her canvas, shaping it to tell a story. Grinding down surfaces, adding another layer, and repeating the process – it’s like a dance, a rhythmic exploration of art’s physicality.

Painting with Purpose

For Isabel Riley, every swipe of the sander, every layer revealed, is more than just a step in the artistic process. It’s a purposeful act, a way of bringing her paintings to life. The physicality isn’t just a side note; it’s at the core of what makes her art uniquely hers.

So, next time you see a vibrant, abstract masterpiece by Isabel Riley, remember – it’s not just a painting. It’s a disruption, a challenge, a journey through layers of color and time. And who knows, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the Renaissance spirit, whispering through the lines and strokes.